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Get training in how to sell cyber insurance to IT professionals and C-Suite level staff. We provide full training in objection handling and give you the knowledge and tools to help you to successfully get the best deal for your client.

The discussions on whether an organisation should buy cyber insurance are often meet with objections by IT Managers. These objections are often emotive rather than analytic and vary between, ‘we have firewalls; we have encryption; we have robust disaster recovery; what do we need cyber insurance for?”

To further compound the issue many Finance Directors, view the costs of cyber insurance premiums as ‘expensive’ especially, when they are compared to the costs paid for their traditional property and liability insurance. The cost issue is complicated further when IT managers, many fighting for their slice of the corporate budget, are having to justify how they spend budget, over a ‘three or five-year return of investment’ basis. 

Optimum Speciality Risks provides training to our brokers if required to address objections highlighted above and place an organisations senior management in a position where they can make an ‘informed decision’ to the options available.

In an ever increasing regulatory environment it is becoming ever more important to for insurance professionals to be appropriately qualified. We can provide support, guidance and training in helping your staff study for professional qualifications within cyber risk. Get in touch today with our experts.

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